Sex Positions to Try with Your Partner

There are many sex positions that you can try with your partner.  There are different levels of getting down in the lovely realm of sex and sexual roles. There is never a seductive new position as well a new experience, for lovers of a nice sensual adventure.

Doggy style

This is more interesting sex positions for your partner.  Entry from the back and the wide opening of the hips provide a fantastic opportunity for G-spot penetration, and the penetrating partner, whether upright or bending down has full reign to explore, grope, and clutch as much as they choose.  Though it doesn’t constitute the most popular sex position, males seem to favor it, whilst women tend to choose the reverse cowgirl attitude. The person in the “doggy” position is typically passive whereas the other companion is energetic during sex.


It enables the penetrating and receiving partners to experiment with a back door, especially if your partner has shown an appetite in trying out anal penetration in a non-threatening manner.

The Butterfly

The Butterfly sex position entails having the receiving partner fall back on a high surface using the hips slightly pointing upward while providing cervical massage and free arms for clitoral activity. This is another technique to modify the missionary’s position with a little more force.


This position may be used on almost any level surface providing suitable in height to accommodate your penetration partner to have that sweeping-off-the-countertop steamy sexual moment which you have totally dreamed of. You’ll be the ones able to see lights if you’re both taking turns regulating the extent of entrance as displayed in Sex Mex.

Happy scissors

The delicious, completely open power of this pose is immensely sexual and works well on any level surface. Again, according on how physically support the receiving partner’s legs, the partner who penetrates can change the depth. For those interested, it also provides access to more erogenous locations throughout to the feet and thighs.

Rocking horse

The Rocking Horse is a favorite for G-spot stimulating and close-up eye contact. You can sit behind your penetrating partner’s knees, with your legs coming up just short of wrapping around their, and rock into each other. It’s possible to preserve another person extremely close and yet controlling the depth of entry.

Seated scissors

Gaining control of your penetrated spouse is an excellent method to help someone (and to provide the penetrating partner a fantastic look). A few squirts of commercial lube can help to heighten the experience as shown in Amateur Porn.  With one leg inside of his hip and another wedged between his own, the person who is receiving may support the entering partner in this position, opening up some additional angles and imaginative range of action.

 “doggy” is the ideal position for women who enjoy breast massage. The hands of your spouse should be taken and placed on your breasts. You are able to demonstrate to the youngsters how you would like to be caressed by placing your fingers over theirs; imagine it as a dirty kind of show-and-tell.

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