Sex positions and places to enjoy sex with your partner

There are many places where you can enjoy sex with your partner. Some of them are mentioned here.

Night club and concert

Pumping and grinding, combined with low lighting and sensual music, allow you to perform daring actions without revealing that you’re actually not just danced.

The movie theatre

Seating in movie theatre could be more fun. Seating in last row and enjoying.

The giver sits at the edge on a bed or desk, while the one receiving the gift lays back with their knees up to their chest. The person who receives partner’s ankles are bent, as though they were performing a “bicycling” exercise. The giver penetrates by grabbing the other person’s ankles. Because deep penetration can be unpleasant for the the recipient, the donor must thrust carefully.

Pearly gates

The person who gives the gift is flat on their backs. The person receiving the gift may support them in a reverse cowgirl posture before gently leaning backwards till their back is against the upper body of the other person.

The socket

The person who is receiving leans all the way forwards from reverse cowgirl, stretching the legs everything the way backward. They ought to reinforce their bodies by relaxing the elbows as though holding a seated position.

This appears to be a wonderful position for a little fantasy and a new perspective on the person’s rear. It’s an opportunity to become immersed in the feelings.  A vulva-owning recipient can readily touch their neck while being pierced in this posture. And if either of you want to spank each other, go ahead.


Great for clit suckling, friction, digitally penetration, and and G-spot stroking, as well as any additional kinds of vulva or genital stimulation you wish to throw in.  The providing partner ought to be seated on the knees. They while the partner who is receiving ought to stand tall.

The person who receives the gift should wrap the shorter of his or her thighs about the giver’s shoulder and then begin to eat out! The person who receives partner’s fingers should ideally be over their heads at all times. This is possible by employing some BDSM constraints. If shackles aren’t their cup of tea, consider that you have access to an embedded bar or column for for them to grab.


As the other person straddles them, the person who gives it slides to the edges of their mattress and falls back without his or her upper body on the floor. During sexual desire, adrenaline will flow to the penetrating partner’s head, causing astounding feelings you can enjoy in Homemade Porn.

During a more secure, more enjoyable encounter, guarantee that that the recipient has an object of support under their head.

One up

The person who gives it kneels on the floor, while their partner lies on the bed’s edge. The person who gives it then lifts one of their partner’s legs and requests that they support it by putting both of their hands across their inner thigh. X`

Having one hip elevated, the person who is receiving can add movements to support the giver’s rubbing or transfer the person who is giving it to the correct position shown in Amateur Sex. The one receiving can wiggle slightly to assist their partner in finding the appropriate timing.

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